Before, During, & After Games

Car Ride Rules

Before the Game

-Speak greatness into your child.

-Tell your child you are proud of him/her regardless of how well they play.

– Focus on their attitude and effort.

-Remind your child to play hard and enjoy the competition, that it is “ok” to be nervous, it is normal.

-Make a commitment to yourself to act appropriately no matter what others may do.


During the Game

-Understand your role, you are a fan… not the coach or an official.

-Let the coaches coach… Avoid giving your child or other players advice during the game.

-Pick the “right” seat or surroundings for growth.

-Cheer good plays and good efforts by both teams.

-Mention good calls by officials to others.


After the Game

-Stick around for post game with the team.

-Thank the officials for doing a difficult job.

-Thank the coaches for their effort.

-Let your child tell you about the game, avoid giving your post game analysis unless asked.

-Tell your child again that you are proud of them, especially if the game did not go well.

-Take them out for a treat- regardless of their performance… Ice cream or a Slurpee are always great!