Champ Elite Program Parent

Though CHAMP understands that the role of the coach is so very important to development of the athlete, the parent is recognized as the key element towards a coach’s success or failure during a given season. CHAMP’s objective is primarily to give recognition to individuals and teams that display character during their season. What frequently occurs is that CHAMP is asked, “Do you have anything for parents”? As a catalyst CHAMP provides awareness and resources to these parenting points. Please contact CHAMP at for further information regarding programs for parents or how parents can become involved in promoting CHAMP. Here is a list of important topics for parents:

  • The 7 non-negotiable of a parent.
  • The three main questions parents must answer in sports?
  • The 3 dimensional parent.
  • How to motivate the 21st century athlete?
  • Game day tips for parents.
  • The car ride rules for parents – before and after the game.
  • How to handle a difficult coach?
  • The club parent profile.
  • How to handle conflict – emails and blogs.
  • Parenting self assessment test – go to


“I have nothing but respect for the efforts that the coaches and the players have been putting forth. From personal experience I know how valuable it has been for my son to be part of the Sports Program in school and believe with my whole heart that athletics has brought fulfillment into his life that at times has been a saving grace. I also know that it has filled the same need in many of the other boys. We cannot help but be inspired when we see a Pro-Athlete help a member from another team get up or give someone a handshake after a game. How much more wonderful is it when we see it from our kids? That is the kind of thing that can improve a school and a city. I thank Lincoln Junior High and CHAMP for helping to bring out the best in my son and many other students”.

Margaret Watson

“My family has been so happy and confident to participate in the Rookie league for the first time, primarily because Coach Ron Frasco’s Mustangs understand and practice true sportsmanship. As these boys step into the world of manhood, the coaches place responsibilities on the players regarding their baseball behavior, attitudes and even outside habits (such as caring for their uniforms and schedules). Our son has witnessed other teams fall apart under frustration, while our team has faced wins and losses with admirable courage and grace. The whole CHAMP program is to be applauded for encouraging, recognizing and celebrating excellence in the character leadership.”

Youth baseball club parent

“My daughter plays basketball for Lincoln Junior High. I also coach football at Lincoln. Here are some facts that describe the character I hope my daughter and her teammates learn and use. I try to teach my daughter to be a good person, student and leader. By playing sports, she will be around coaches that will reinforce anything about character building that I try to teach at home. It is easy for teens to get into trouble today. However, by playing sports they have a chance to be with other teens after school, trying to accomplish athletic and academic goals that will reap benefits down the road. Lincoln is a tough place to teach and coach. There are a lot of good people there, from administrators, teachers and students. I do feel comfortable sending my daughter there to learn and grow. When I see my daughter play, I am proud of her. I am more comfortable knowing that the CHAMP program is reminding players, parents and coaches that building character in a teen is more important than winning games.”

Champ Elite program parent